Posted: May 3, 2015 in sports
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Back in the Philippines, the world stop turning as every Filipino were glued to their seats as they watch Manny on every screen.

In Quaipo, a heavy traffic stormed its busy street. All people were watching the megabuck fight on the huge screen of the plaza. But every person who was there can attest to the fact that no vehicles were honking against each other. No drivers were shouting against each other to complain about the heavy traffic.

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Vendors stopped working. People piled up the street. Some were just on the bridge, on the top of their vehicles, watching the Pacman as he throws his solid punches against the bigger Mayweather. A huge opponent was never a problem to Pacman. He was aggressive on the ring and did his best to run after Mayweather.

But when it was announced that Mayweather won, the dark skies poured as if consoling the hearts of every sad Filipino who watched, saying that it was okay for Pacman fought hard for every Filipino to make them happy.

So even if the Pacman lost, it is still the end. He will return to the Philippines with welcoming arms and cheers for giving his best heart, shot and hope. He is a true inspiration to the Filipinos for he proved that God will indeed rise those who came from nothing into somebody.


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