about karen

1. I am a loner.

2. I love dogs.

3. I hate it when a person makes me choose between him and another, because definitely, I won’t choose him even if it hurts me.

4. I used to hate cats but when Miming came to my family’s life, that view changed.

5. My favorite friends are the Elijahns and my churchmates

6. I am addicted to Pretty Little Liars! And my all time favorite Pinoy fantaserye is Encantadia!

7. I skipped school because I want to watch the season ender of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. I love that show! That thing was a deja vu because when I was in grade school, I did not study a quiz because I want to watch Villa Quintana. Hehehe…talk about my TV addiction…

8. Green is my favorite color and vanilla ice cream soothes my sadness.

9. I always have the worst migraine.

10. I have a secret crush at work though I really think, I am beginning to fall in love with him.

11. I drink red wine when I have insomnia.

12. My biological clock is 7am.

13. I like traveling and adventures.

14. The first thing that pops into my mind when you say mall is a “book.”

15. The happiest time of my life is when I am inside the church.

16. Writing is my life. If I don’t write, I rather be dead.

17. 17 is my favorite number because I cannot decide between my elementary lucky number which is 3 and my highschool varsity shirt which is 14. I added the two numbers to make a solution.


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