1. Make peace and choose forgiveness. 

Anger is one emotion that can destroy not just our souls but our health. You don’t believe me? Flashback to the certain moment you’re so angry about someone. Do you feel that? That’s exactly what I am talking about. Your heart is filled with a truckload of so much negative things that make you want to burst or punch someone!


So if you’re mad. Call the person. Talk to him or to her. Many times, relationships fail because there is a lack of communication AND FULL OF PRIDE. Let go of the ego. Note that it is not important who is right or wrong, just ask for forgiveness and or forgive because there is nothing to lose. Let the pain, pride and anger go. Save the relationship. And feel the lightness and happiness in your heart.

2.      Pray. It works. 

Some people pray to God because they want something. Some pray for a better health, a good future and a good husband.

There’s nothing bad about it. In fact, the Lord God encourages us to pray to Him whenever we want something or whenever we are in need of help.

But the problem lies when some of us don’t receive what we prayed for. Some of us cannot accept the fact that God did not give us what we want or what we need.

Sometimes, these people lose hope. They believed that God has forsaken them, that God has abandoned them, that God is unfair and worse, that God is not true.

What some of us do not understand is…what is the real meaning of a prayer? Does it mean that if God does not give us what we prayed for, He really abandoned us and does not care about us at all?

No, a prayer always works. We just have to understand that God answers us in two ways – a “Yes” and “Wait; I have a better plan for you.” Remember that, bad things, pain and rejection happen in our life, not because God does not love us, but He knows where He is taking us.

We must not lose hope easily. What we must do is be steadfast in our faith in God and believe in the power of our prayer.

3.      Do not be lazy. 

God does not want us to be lazy. Your boss will hate you if you’re lazy. Your parents might kick you of the house or forever nag you if you’re lazy.

Plus if we’re lazy, we won’t be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor because we will have many deductions. We will receive many memos. We’re also cheating and abusing the confidence that our company gave to us.

So instead of staying up late for nothing, why not go to bed early and wake up early for work? In that way, we can also finish our work quickly and spend a quality time with our family.

4.      If you love someone, tell them right away. 

This is a cliché but do it.

A few years ago, I lost my grandfather and sometimes, when I think of him, I feel sad because I never said “I love you” to him.

Our last conversation was over the phone. He just got out of the hospital. He was also talking about a crazy idea about selling our land. I told him that he should not do it but he insisted that I should upload the details of the sale over a certain site. I did not do it and worse, I did not bother relaying his message to my father. One week after, he died and I never got the chance to say goodbye to him. He was my favorite grandfather and I was his first favorite granddaughter and yet, never in my life, did I say how much I love him.

Learning from this experience, we can never turn back time so we might as well tell our family, friends or loved ones how much we love them before we lose them.

5.      Whenever you can, help other people. 

An old lady is about to cross the street.

Help her.

A cat is too afraid to climb down a fence, help it.

Someone is lost; help him find his way home.

Your child needs some help in his math assignment, help him.

Your mother is cooking in the kitchen, help her.

Whenever it is possible, we should do good to people by helping them. Helping others is a way of spreading happiness.

6.      Take a break. Have fun.

Life is already serious so we should not make it more serious. Once in a while, we should relax and enjoy. Watch a movie! Party all night! Climb the mountains! Take a vacation! Walk the dog! Listen to new music! Go out with old friends! Take our family to dinner or lunch! Cook a new recipe!

I can go and on with many ideas. All I want to point out is we can live only once, we should enjoy it at least. I’d also like to stress out that spiritual people are happy, not because they are the all smiles-all-day-kind-of-people but they are the inside-heart-contented-happy people.

Photo credit: islam-is-our-salavation.blogvie.com/category/respect-for-our-parent/

7.       Respect your parents.

Respecting our parents is a commandment of our Lord God. The Lord promises that if we respect our parents, He will give us a good and long life.

We should also respect them because they are the ones who brought us in this world. We owe them that.

But do we still have to respect our parents even if they don’t respect us? Personally, yes. Maybe some would say that they don’t deserve any kind of respect but if we want to be the better person with a better sense of values and morals, then we should show them a respect.

8.      Earn an education.

The importance of having a good education is also written in the Bible.

We should do everything to achieve an education for it is the key for having wisdom and knowledge that will ensure success and happiness in our lives.

Some of the benefits of attaining education are:

– Personal growth

– Better jobs

– Financial stability

– Self-empowerment

– Efficient worker

– Becomes a decision maker


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