day out with babs

Posted: April 26, 2011 in foods

Babs and I decided to eat at Shakey’s. We don’t usually dine here but we just wanted to eat something different at that moment. We were a little bit surprised because the set meals at Shakey’s is better than the Pizza Hut’s. More choices, more food (they also include salads in their set meals unlike in Pizza Hut) plus their prizes are more reasonable and good.

Well, except for one thing, we did not like the Shirley Temple drink. It’s very ordinary.  Nothing special about it. It seems like, I don’t know…forgettable drink.

Still, it was a great meal for me and Babs.

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*******Okay, we just like the set meals, salads, mojos and chickens in Shakey’s but we still and always prefer Pizza Hut’s pizza.



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