the first TOSH night with the Queen

Posted: April 18, 2011 in foods, friends, Uncategorized

The Queen and I went to Trin0ma last night.

I wanted to buy a digital camera because if I don’t, I cannot sleep at night. It was a tough choice because I really want the Samsung TL for some true love decision but then, I also want the Samsung ST because it’s touch screen. But then, I realized I will also buy a dslr so I settled for the Samsung PL simply because PL stands for “Pretty Liar”…hehe, just like Pretty Little Liars. I instructed the Queen to pose for my camera and so, being an obedient (but uto-uto), she posed in this one as if, she’s gonna be in the next Ms. Universe (joke, Queen!). And then, we decided to eat at The Old Spaghetti House.

Queen is also thrilled about her Nikon D5000. She also showed me all the pictures that she took at Laguna. Pretty cool stuffs, you know. From her mom to her niece and some silly butiki and imported ipis.

And then we talk about our problems in life. My personal dilemma with my faith and her never-ending sleepless nights.

The Queen ordered a collosal desert and I ordered a mud pie (one of my crush’s old time favorites) and low carb taco (Geng and Onay’s usual order at TOSH)…

After the food fest , she told me that she will again perform another circus act – HER FAMOUS VERSION OF CARTWHEEL.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Frankly, I don’t know why she always did that but I am planning to buy pompoms and put it in her car so the next time, she will cheer first and then do the cartwheel. Hehe…the Queen really wants to make someone happy even if doing cartwheels can break her bones. (at least not her heart! XD)


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