introducing Mr. Fitz aka “Chaz”

Posted: April 18, 2011 in family dogs, Uncategorized

we have 6 family dogs.

And they are, Clark (my dog), Genie, Max Liron, Prince Arthur II (Babs’ dogs), Charlie and Chaz (Dada’s dogs).

But this time, I will introduce you to  Chaz, the youngest in the family. He’s a Boston Terrier / Asnoy. Dada named him Chaz but I like to call him Mr. Fitz, after Ezra Fitz, the professor in the Pretty Little Liar series. I have a big crush on Mr. Fitz, that is why I call Chaz, Mr. Fitz.

Mr. Fitz or Chaz is the only dog that still lives inside the house. He has been evicted several times but he always find a way to trick Mama. Like one time, Mama kicked him out because he ate our sofa so Mr. Fitz used the back door to get inside the house. He stayed beside Mama’s bed and pretended to be good. So Mama decided not to eventually kick him out. He only stays inside the house if there is at least one person looking out for him. *Sigh…another spoiled bratty dog*


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